Manga: Kingdom Hearts 03

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ISBN13 / EAN: 9783770460588
Erschienen am: 13.09.2006
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Künstler: Shiro Amano; Nomura Tetsuya
Genre: Comedy; Adventure; Fantasy;
Serie: Kingdom Hearts
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It's an ocean theme for Sora and company. Book 3 of "Kingdom Hearts", features Monstro the whale, Ursula the Sea-Witch, and Captain Hook and his pirate ship. After getting their ship swallowed by Monstro, the travelers help Geppetto and Pinocchio fend off some Heartless and escape from inside the giant whale. After that, it's a trip under de sea - to a place that already has its own "keyblade," which Ursula tells Ariel is her ticket to other worlds. More pages of Ansem's report help shed light on the dark origins of the Heartless, and while Sora seems to be making progress in his quest, Maleficent is still getting closer to her sinister goal. Onboard Captain Hook's pirate ship, Sora and Riku have different ideas on what lengths to go to save Kairi - when it comes to dealing with the Heartless, let your conscience be your guide, and don't forget the pixie dust!