Manga: Hana-Kimi 10

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ISBN13 / EAN: 9783551786807
Erschienen am: 22.05.2007
Hersteller: Carlsen Comics
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Künstler: Hisaya Nakajo
Genre: Comedy; Romantik;
Serie: Hana-Kimi
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Hisaya Nakajo's manga series Hanazakari no Kimitachi he ("For You in Full Blossom", casually known as Hana-Kimi) has been a hit since it first appeared in 1997 in the shojo manga magazine Hana to Yume ("Flowers and Dreams"). In Japan, a Hana-Kimi art book and several "drama CDs" have been released. Her other manga series include Missing Piece (2 volumes) and Yumemiru Happa ("The Dreaming Leaf", 1 volume).